Enrollment Management Services

Virtue Analytics Enrollment Management and Optimization platform allow educational institutions to leverage the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to make better decisions across the admissions process. Customized to the institution’s environment, Virtue provides student-specific recommendations, related to admissions, financial aid & retention, enabling better outcomes for the student and delivering increased revenue to the institution.

Our tools come equipped with student enrollment and forecasting features that offer insight that’s crucial to help identify and manage student enrollment concerns.

  • Inconsistent student enrollment results.
  • Decrease in new student net tuition revenue.
  • On-going retention concerns.
  • Inconsistent awarding program and matrix.
  • Ineffective net price calculator.

The solutions we generate are the outcome of rigorous analysis and consideration for institutional well-being. Our customized enrollment management services will go a long way in developing sustainable solutions for any recurrent enrollment problems that your institution faces and help set you up for higher enrollment yields.

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