Is Big Data Analytics Transforming the Higher Education Sector?

Is Big Data Analytics Transforming the Higher Education Sector?


Big data analytics refers to the process of examining extremely large and diverse sets of data to identify patterns and draw analyses-based conclusions. While organizations from multiple industries have been benefiting from the marvels of this field of science, researchers have only recently started exploring its applications in the higher education sector. Big data analytics offer unprecedented growth and improvement opportunities for colleges. By studying massive student data sets, academic institutions can not only improve their enrollment efficiency but also make better recruitment-related decisions for the future based on insights provided by the study.
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Boosting Student Performance

Currently, semester wise examinations and assignments are the most commonly used means of measuring student performance in higher education. However, during their time at college, every student produces a trail of data which can be studied through big data analytics to gain valuable insights. For example, by keeping a track of students’ preferred source for exam preparation, the total time they take to complete a project, and the questions they fail to answer, universities can provide more comprehensive feedback to students, which will eventually help boost their performance.

Increasing Student Retention Rate

Statistics regarding student retention rates in the higher education sector are alarming. According to studies, 1 in every 5 students enrolled in college eventually quit before graduation. In most cases, students with a lack of financial resources or a relatively weak academic background end up withdrawing from higher education due to the absence of support. Big data analytics-based tools can be used to identify these vulnerable students. Colleges can then provide them the required financial assistance and counseling they need to get back on track and continue their education.

Improving Managerial Efforts

Higher education institutions are always on the lookout for opportunities that can help improve their system on a managerial level. With big data analytics, colleges can monitor and maintain the student-institute relationship in a more effective manner. Consider the example of big data-based enrolment management tool offered by Virtue Analytics. Through this program, enrollment managers can analyze each application against multiple enrollment markers with ease. The program also offers student-specific recommendations based on their application, which allows managers to sort the applicants with minimum hassle.
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